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March 29, 2017
Catch a Ride with the Kia Sportage in Vero Beach Today!

Catch a Ride with the Kia Sportage in Vero Beach Today!

In today’s age of growing construction and architecture, there are always places to see and explore. However, if you’re stuck with a car that can’t keep up, you might miss out on all that these adventures have to offer you. That’s why you should make sure that you have a vehicle that can keep up with not only your day-to-day tasks, but also those long road trips and vacations you’ve always wanted! When it comes to adventurous, creative vehicles with a little power in their pedal, you can’t go wrong with the Kia brand. Known to be one of the most reliable brands of vehicles, Kia models have been able to pair practicality with style and comfort to make any trip worthwhile. If you happen to be looking for something with great performance and agility within the Kia brand, then you may love the Kia Sportage from Kia of Vero Beach. When it comes to what car buyers want and love, the Kia Sportage in Vero Beach, Florida, shines above the rest, especially when it comes to vehicles of its class. You can really get ready to experience agile handling as well as superior performance and technology features when you’re behind the steering wheel of the Kia Sportage from Kia of Vero Beach! Let’s check out more about the outstanding Kia Sportage in Vero Beach along with a plethora of other quality Kia cars and SUVs at Kia of Vero Beach today!

Dress to Impress with the Kia Sportage

While having a lot of interior features and great performance is great, showing up in a little style never hurt anyone, and the Kia brand is known for their creative designs of vehicles. When it comes to the Kia Sportage from Kia of Vero Beach, you can expect flare like no other. Choose from three different models of the Kia Sportage in order to ensure that your thrilling driving experience is matched with exquisite style. The Kia Sportage models are the LX, EX, and SX. Each of them come with a long list of available and standard features, all waiting for your pick. If you like the look of a sports car, you may want to opt for a flashy rear spoiler or roof rails. If you’re more of the practical-oriented driver, the heated outside mirrors for easier travels in those cold mornings in Vero Beach. If you just really love the sun or the open sky, you’ll be happy to look above you at the available Panoramic Sunroof offered for the Kia Sportage from Kia of Vero Beach. And then of course if you’re just ready for your basic, beautiful vehicle, you can be just as happy with the standard sound-absorbing front windshield glass and the heated rear glass with a timer offered with the Kia Sportage in Vero Beach, Florida. Talk about convenience in customization, right?

sportage exterior

Exceptional Performance

What’s a car without a little power in its pedal? Thankfully you can take full advantage of the Kia Sportage’s 2.4 liter DOHC 16-valve engine with Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing. Because of the sheer quality of this engine, you can expect to gallop with a whopping 182 horsepower as well as 6,0000 RPM. If this is still not enough power for you, you can choose the Kia Sportage SX that can provide 260 horsepower. The transmission for the Kia Sportage is an electronically controlled 6-speed automatic overdrive with Sportmatic! All models of the Sportage come with front-wheel drive, with an available Dynamax All-Wheel Drive.

sportage design

Come See the Kia Sportage in Vero Beach, Florida, Today!

When you’re ready for the adventures that await you out on the roads of Vero Beach, FL, then stop by Kia of Vero Beach and check out the Kia Sportage. With stunning designs that incorporate a thrilling drive paired with an unbelievable amount of practicality you can’t go wrong with this amazing vehicle. Call, click online, or stop by today to check out our Kia Sportage or any of our other quality Kia vehicles offered from our dealership.

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